Scramdisk 3.01A
pour Windows 95 et 98

Màj mars 2003 : Si vous êtes paranoïaque, n'utilisez *jamais* Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP ou autre système de la famille Windows. Préférez un système UNIX comme MacOS X, ou mieux : Linux

Si vous êtes *vraiment* très paranoïaque, vous pouvez travailler avec le CD-ROM bootable français Knoppix-Mib "Privacy Edition" en mettant vos fichiers sur un répertoire personnel (un "/home" persistant) chiffré qui se trouvera sur une clef mémoire USB ou une disquette Iomega ZIP.

Scramdisk est un logiciel gratuit de cryptage du disque dur pour Windows 95 et Windows 98 (mais pas Windows NT), créé en 1997 par Aman et distribué par Sam Simpson. La version 2.02H est disponible en français.

Lire la présentation générale de Scramdisk.

La licence de Scramdisk permet une utilisation gratuite en entreprise (sous certaines conditions - voir site).

Captures d'écran

Fenêtre principale

Création d'un container

Création d'un container

Création d'un container

Création d'un container

Création d'un container

Barre d'outils

Menu de la barre d'outils

Les nouveautés de la version 3.x

1: The user interface has been completely re-written.

2: Fat32 disks can be created for users of Win95/8

3:  4 Gig (FAT32) is the largest disk supported by container (This is
because of the Win95 file size limit)

4: 2047 Gig is the largest (in theory at least) partition size that
can be supported. The author has verified Scramdisk  Fat32 partitions
at 23 Gigabytes.

5: The backup header data can be used by the program to open the

6: The key data backup format has been amended so it is double
encrypted to prevent Scramdisk recognition...

7: A wizard like system  for creating disks has been implemented.

8: Smaller  disks can be created specified in Kbyte units from 250K 

9: Scandisk and Defrag can be called directly from the GUI for all
Scramdisks and local disks.

10: Context selective menus are used on the disk icons etc.

11: Disks can now be individually brutally dismounted

12: Large icons have been implemented for common functions, with
'Tooltips' guidance as to their function

13:  The disk wipe function has been completely re-written and allows
'slack' at the end of clusters to be over-written with random data.
Any Files that cannot have their slack overwritten because they are in
exclusive use, are listed in a dialog box...

14: Partitions and container files can be set up to open as read only.

15: System icons have been used for local disk list boxes.

16:  FAQ and Glossary has been added to 'About'

17: The build dates are available for the driver, and GUI. Use "About"
This is the correct method to identify any interim builds or bug
fixes... NOT the VxD/EXE filename dates, which will reflect the time
of installation.

18: Password text is no longer cached by the driver unless 'Summer'
disks are enabled in options. Older third party utilities will need
modification for these obsolete disks if the new driver is used..

19: The Scramdisk 'Systray' icon  indicates if a disk is currently
mounted or not

20 The systray icon has its own menu, including "Quit". The utility
can only be quit from this icon's menu  by design, and the systray
icon is now an integral part of the system...

21: On installation the config ".ini" filename and extention can be
specified and the exe is then patched up to use the user's own choice
of name.

22: Traveller mode can be specified on installation (to removable
media only), and then temporarily used on other peoples Win95/98
systems, without installing any files....

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